Worth Talking About: Blue Moss


Today’s “Worth Talking About” interview is with Michelle Taylor, owner and designer of Greenville based Blue Moss jewelry.  Michelle makes beautiful, wearable works of art out of found vintage treasures.  She also provided all the jewelry pieces for our recent Oil and Rouge photo shoot!  Be sure to check out her website at http://www.shopbluemoss.com.

Photos by Keith J. Carson

O & R: What materials do you use to create your jewelry?

Michelle: I mostly use vintage and found items and some semi-precious gems and beads.  Sometimes, I will use some new pieces if I really like them, if they  have a good vibe…and they mix well with the vintage pieces.

O & R: Your pieces are so original.  What inspires you in your creations?

Michelle: I really am inspired by what I find.  I really love hunting for new pieces..almost as much as making my jewelry.  I like finding a piece….wondering where it’s from and who loved it.  It makes me happy to think about someone loving it again in a new way.

O & R: How did you get started  making jewelry?

Michelle: I started about the time I got out of college.  I couldn’t jewelry that I liked and could afford.  I would buy really crazy pieces and take them apart and make them into something I liked.  It really just evolved from there.  People started asking me where I would get my jewelry…..and it turned into a business.

O & R: What are the biggest challenges you face being a jewelry designer and business owner?

Michelle: As far as making jewelry from vintage pieces…..I really do just make my pieces from things I find.  Sometimes, it really is hard to find vintages pieces in any kind of quantity…..so many of my things really are one of a kind.
As far as being a business owner…..I have 3 children.  When they are in school, I am able to work on the jewelry much more consistently.  In the summer, things get a little crazier.  So I just need to work harder to find the right balance.

O & R: Anything else you want to say about your work or your vintage inspirations?

Michelle: Just that I really do love what I’m doing…..I love going thrifting looking for some new special piece and then falling in love with what it becomes.


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