Weekend inspiration

Photo courtesy squareamerica.com

Photo courtesy squareamerica.com

There is just so much wonderful stuff, both vintage and otherwise, out there in the blog-world!  I could spend all day surfing around all my favorite blogs, and usually have to stop myself so that I will get to my studio on time.  I hope that this weekend, you will have all the time you need to check out some of these great links!

Super Kawaii Mama: Has a great post on “Finding your vintage groove”
Sally Jane Vintage: Has posted some gorgeous vintage pics of fall college fashions
libemarlene vintage: I just love her whole site, but I especially love the 1913 autochromes she recently posted, and I really want the green and yellow dress she just posted in her shop!
Thought is the Blossom: George Sand and Mata Hari paper dolls, and two beautiful short films directed by Ellen Von Unwerth and featuring the fashion of Erin Featherston
Wasp Waists and Wiggle Skirts: Has posted a week of 1950’s Vintage Vogue knitting patterns.
Blooming Leopold: Is giving away a wooden pendant necklace by Vanessa of The Velvet Bird
The Secret Lives of Stormtroopers: Just because this brings me joy!


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