Housewives and Army Wives

The reason for my recent lack of posts was that I participated this weekend in the West Greenville Arts Festival.  Although it rained the entire weekend, it was fun and beneficial, and I got to see just how waterproof my tent is.  Needless to say I am exhausted and have spent today lounging on my couch like a true lady of leisure.  So, in a moment of shameless self promotion, I am posting a few of the pieces in my Modern Conveniences series of paintings, currently on display at the Greenville Little Theater during their run of Noises Off.  And, I encourage you to check out my art blog, where I will shortly be posting photos of my rain soaked weekend!

Clarke_Emily_Dance PartnerClarke_Emily_It Blends It MashesClarke_Emily_Yes I'd Love One

On a totally different note, did any of you see last night’s episode of Army Wives?  It is not a show I typically watch, but last night they did a 1940’s episode.  I would have watched for the clothes and hairstyles alone, but I was also excited because many of my friends from the swing dance scene here in Greenville were the background dancers in the USO segment at the beginning of the show!  I haven’t been able to locate any screen shots from the episode, but any of you guys who were there, send me your photos and I will post them here.  In the meantime, here is a short video about the styling from the Army Wives blog.


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