Late Night

I took yesterday off after my very busy weekend, and at the end of the day I guess I was just too well rested, because I couldn’t get my brain to turn off to go to sleep.  On top of that, the smoke detector started beeping because it needed a new battery sometime around 1am( and speaking of which, why don’t those things ever start beeping during the day rather than in the middle of the night?)  Luckily, my friend Paul sent me the frame by frame screen shots of the dancers in the 40’s episode of Army Wives the other night and I spent several late night hours sifting through them.  I love the whole atmosphere of the USO dance, and the outfits look great!  I’m sure these shots are not nearly as exciting if you don’t know the people in them, but I had a great time trying to pick out my friends from Tuesday night swing dances here in Greenville!  Here are a few shots for your enjoyment.armywives04684







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