Oil and Rouge Beginnings

(Photos by Keith J. Carson)

Oil and Rouge: A Vintage Affair

A couple of years ago, Emily and I were sitting over a GREAT cup of coffee talking about having an event that would give a vintage feel and maybe have other local vendors there, something small……Well little did we know it would blossom into this.  Hence, Oil and Rouge: A Vintage Affair. This not so small event is bringing together local businesses celebrating all things art; all things beautiful!

I have loved makeup and vintage style since I was a little girl.  My favorite memories include me rummaging through my “Mamaw’s” jewelry box while wearing her red lipstick and cherry rouge.  The fantastic broaches, starlit rings, oh my! Then I move on to her make-up box. I remember admiring how the lipsticks were nestled in gold mosaic like tubes.  As I gently roll each one up, my mamaw’s lip imprint tells a story of a woman beautiful and strong. I can still smell that familiar red wax.

Recalling these fond memories was my inspiration while creating the hair and makeup stories for Oil and Rouge.  As I looked at each models headshot, I researched vintage magazine covers, old Hollywood stars in the 40’s and 50’s to see what color/hair story would suit them best.  I then sketched faces and started coloring with makeup on paper.   As I applied the makeup on our real life models and curled the hair, our vintage creation was unfolding right before my eyes!

Please come and share this timeless journey with us and find out why Oil and Rouge do mix.


Shantel L.

Fullscreen capture 9282009 80429 PM


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One response to “Oil and Rouge Beginnings

  1. Shelly

    Hello my beautiful sister! I am so very proud of you. This is going to be such an exciting night for you guys…can’t wait to share it with you.


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