Wearing Trash

Picture 324

In a couple of weeks, I will be participating in the Recycle Fashion Show at The Arts Center in Clemson, SC.  Basically, you have to make an outfit totally out of recycled materials (recycled clothing doesn’t count!).  I was so excited about this show, and thought it would be a good change from all the art shows I have this month.  So, I have been digging through magazines and my vintage pattern collection to come up with my design.  You can see my trusty dress form in the picture above, surrounded by tons of newspaper and magazines, pattern pieces, and the rest of the junk in my sewing room.  I am a little nervous because I don’t usually sew without a pattern, but I am excited about how it is going to turn out.  We can wear regular shoes with the outfit, but shoes made of recycled materials are preferred.  Anyone have any suggestions for what to make shoes out of?  I will post pictures once I am done.

In other news, we will have Brick Street Cafe doing the catering for the Oil and Rouge Event on October 23!  If you have never been to Brick Street, go right now and get a piece of sweet potato cake.  Yum!


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