A Model’s debut

pics 137

pics 139

pics 138

I promised, so now I am delivering!  Here are a few pics of my paper dress I made for the Recycled Fashion Show at the Arts Center in Clemson.  The challenge was to create an outfit entirely out of recycled materials.  I made a lining out of a queen sized bed sheet, and then sewed strips of newspaper and magazine pages onto it.  Trying to cram it through the sewing machine with out ripping pieces off was pretty difficult.  For the top, I stitched together fans made out of catalogue pages.  It was also a lot of fun strutting my stuff down the runway to “Beyond the Sea!”



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2 responses to “A Model’s debut

  1. Fashion Fan

    Hi I am currently looking for ideas to make a recycled dress. Your dress is truly AMAZINGGGG!!
    can you please give me some tips on how to create such a great dress?

    Fashion Fan

    • oilandrouge

      Thanks! It was a lot of fun to make! To make that dress, I collected pictures in magazines of dresses I liked, and looked through my pattern collection for shapes close to what I wanted. I made the whole thing out of a queen sized bed sheet first. That gave me plenty of material to work with, and let me make sure the whole thing fit before I added anything to it. Then I just sewed the newspaper and magazine pieces right on to the bed sheet pieces. I decided against putting a zipper or closures in it, and made it a wrap dress. The belt is holding it closed (plus a little tape). I think if you make it a simple shape, and use fun materials, you get something really great. Hope this helps! ~Emily

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