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Tough Enough

Photo by the amazing Keith J. Carson. This is one of the photos from my vintage pin-up shoot a few months ago.  Want to see the painted version of this picture?  Come to my show at Coffee & Crema here in Greenville tomorrow night.  The reception is from 6-9pm, and music will be provided by the wonderful Stephanie Fagan.  Coffee & Crema is located in the Fresh Market shopping center on Atrium Blvd., between Laurens Rd. and Pleasantburg Dr.



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Even the best laid plans…

So, last night I got all dressed up to go to a New Years Eve party downtown where a friend’s band was playing.  I went out to my car only to discover that I had a flat tire.  It was pretty late by that point, and I wasn’t able to get a hold of anyone to come pick me up for the party, so I ended up spending the evening sitting on the couch, in my fancy outfit and hair, eating chocolate and watching a marathon of The Thin Man movies on TCM. (not a bad evening, but just not what I had planned.)

I was finally able to get my hair in to some form of victory rolls, thanks to this tutorial:

I don’t think her method is completely authentic, but it gives you the look and is really easy to do!  Here is what the final product looked like, even though I am the only one who saw it last night

And, I have to say after watching a lot of Thin Man last night, I adore Myrna Loy!  She always looked so beautiful and sophisticated, but she was also really funny.  I was reading a bio of her recently and was interested to learn that early in her career, she was typically cast as an “exotic”, made to look like she was of Asian decent.  The Thin Man movies helped break her out of that stereotype and into comedic roles.

photo courtesy

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Channeling my inner Audrey

This week is an absolute whirlwind, so sorry my posts are a bit scarce.  I don’t typically do daily outfit posts because my wardrobe on a daily basis at the studio is a mix of paint covered jeans, aprons, and the occasional vintage piece.  But yesterday I was feeling very Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face, what with my bangs that I recently hacked off, and my gray turtleneck and dark jeans.

Sorry about the crummy bathroom shot!  I was running a bit late yesterday!

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Gee! I wish I were a man…I’d join the Navy!

So, after the Oil and Rouge show, I keep trying to come up with more reasons to do vintage photo shoots!  A friend and I were asked to design the advertising for a USO type event being put on next year by the Greenville Lindy Hoppers, and the Upstate History Museum.  We got the idea to do a pin-up style poster.  We brought back in our friend Caroline, who was one of the models for Oil and Rouge,

dressed her up, and had Keith Carson snap a few photos.  I will post more about this project soon, but for now, here is just a behind the scenes taste!

The lovely Caroline in a WAAC style uniform made by a friend’s mom.

This uniform is my friend Sara’s grandfather’s actual Navy uniform!  It looked so perfect on Caroline that it made me want one too!  I would totally wear this all the time!

Photo by Keith J. Carson

I just thought this was a cool photo (and maybe I wanted to get myself in here…)  That’s me doing a little hair adjustment.  Huge thanks to Keith for being my on call photographer.  I fully expect him to start running away every time I ask, “hey, do you want to help me with something?”

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V for victory!

I have been trying to decide how do to my hair for Friday’s vintage event.  I have a gorgeous black and white 40’s style dress that my mom and I made.  I decided that victory rolls with a big red flower would pe perfect.  I frequently do a sort of faux victory roll look, as you can see in the photo of me in the paper dress, but for this event I want to attempt to do the real thing.  I have been searching through video tutorials looking for someone with hair at least a similar length to mine, and I think I found it.  I love this girl’s look, as well as the music in her video.  I have more bangs than she does, but I think it should work.

Looks easy, right?  We’ll see how it goes.  I will post the results after the show.  Or, better yet, come out on Friday to the Art & Light Gallery and see for yourself!

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Oil and Rouge Beginnings

(Photos by Keith J. Carson)

Oil and Rouge: A Vintage Affair

A couple of years ago, Emily and I were sitting over a GREAT cup of coffee talking about having an event that would give a vintage feel and maybe have other local vendors there, something small……Well little did we know it would blossom into this.  Hence, Oil and Rouge: A Vintage Affair. This not so small event is bringing together local businesses celebrating all things art; all things beautiful!

I have loved makeup and vintage style since I was a little girl.  My favorite memories include me rummaging through my “Mamaw’s” jewelry box while wearing her red lipstick and cherry rouge.  The fantastic broaches, starlit rings, oh my! Then I move on to her make-up box. I remember admiring how the lipsticks were nestled in gold mosaic like tubes.  As I gently roll each one up, my mamaw’s lip imprint tells a story of a woman beautiful and strong. I can still smell that familiar red wax.

Recalling these fond memories was my inspiration while creating the hair and makeup stories for Oil and Rouge.  As I looked at each models headshot, I researched vintage magazine covers, old Hollywood stars in the 40’s and 50’s to see what color/hair story would suit them best.  I then sketched faces and started coloring with makeup on paper.   As I applied the makeup on our real life models and curled the hair, our vintage creation was unfolding right before my eyes!

Please come and share this timeless journey with us and find out why Oil and Rouge do mix.


Shantel L.

Fullscreen capture 9282009 80429 PM

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Housewives and Army Wives

The reason for my recent lack of posts was that I participated this weekend in the West Greenville Arts Festival.  Although it rained the entire weekend, it was fun and beneficial, and I got to see just how waterproof my tent is.  Needless to say I am exhausted and have spent today lounging on my couch like a true lady of leisure.  So, in a moment of shameless self promotion, I am posting a few of the pieces in my Modern Conveniences series of paintings, currently on display at the Greenville Little Theater during their run of Noises Off.  And, I encourage you to check out my art blog, where I will shortly be posting photos of my rain soaked weekend!

Clarke_Emily_Dance PartnerClarke_Emily_It Blends It MashesClarke_Emily_Yes I'd Love One

On a totally different note, did any of you see last night’s episode of Army Wives?  It is not a show I typically watch, but last night they did a 1940’s episode.  I would have watched for the clothes and hairstyles alone, but I was also excited because many of my friends from the swing dance scene here in Greenville were the background dancers in the USO segment at the beginning of the show!  I haven’t been able to locate any screen shots from the episode, but any of you guys who were there, send me your photos and I will post them here.  In the meantime, here is a short video about the styling from the Army Wives blog.

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