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Making Changes

Hello friends! I am sure you have noticed that I have not posted anything in quite a while. At first I was just taking a break because I was sick, but soon realized that keeping up with two blogs was a bit much for me, especially as I have been trying to make some changes in my buisness. But, fear not! I will now be posting not only my vintage style oil paintings on my art blog, but sharing my favorite vintage inspirations there as well. So click on over to my art blog, for much more vintage fun! Thanks. ~Emily


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Gee! I wish I were a man…I’d join the Navy!

So, after the Oil and Rouge show, I keep trying to come up with more reasons to do vintage photo shoots!  A friend and I were asked to design the advertising for a USO type event being put on next year by the Greenville Lindy Hoppers, and the Upstate History Museum.  We got the idea to do a pin-up style poster.  We brought back in our friend Caroline, who was one of the models for Oil and Rouge,

dressed her up, and had Keith Carson snap a few photos.  I will post more about this project soon, but for now, here is just a behind the scenes taste!

The lovely Caroline in a WAAC style uniform made by a friend’s mom.

This uniform is my friend Sara’s grandfather’s actual Navy uniform!  It looked so perfect on Caroline that it made me want one too!  I would totally wear this all the time!

Photo by Keith J. Carson

I just thought this was a cool photo (and maybe I wanted to get myself in here…)  That’s me doing a little hair adjustment.  Huge thanks to Keith for being my on call photographer.  I fully expect him to start running away every time I ask, “hey, do you want to help me with something?”

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100 things

Have you ever seen illustrator Keri Smith’s list of 100 ideas?  I just love how simple and fun the ideas are, and yet so out of the ordinary from what most of us do every day.  Click over there to get some ideas from Keri’s list (and check out her illustrations), or make your own list.  Let me know how it goes!

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