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A day full of possibility

Red Balloon by Paul Klee

Red Balloon by Paul Klee

This morning was my ideal type of day: beautiful and sunny, but just cold enough that I needed a long sleeved shirt.  I was running in the park this morning, and on one of my trips around the track, I noticed a single red balloon hovering just above the ground in the middle of the green field.  Who knows where it came from, as I was the only one there.  And just a few minutes later, a gust of wind took it off to who knows where.  It just seemed the perfect start to a day full of possibilities…

I adore the fall, and the wonderful fall-like temps we have had the past few days have made me so happy.  Although, here in South Carolina, the weather could change back to sweltering at a moment’s notice.  When the air starts to get cool, it always makes me think of school, especially my days at Furman.  I recently came across the Furman library’s blog about past traditions at the university.  It is a great resource for old photos and stories from the school in days past.  Check it out!

And, I leave you with these great photos from Knightstown High School class of ’57, in Knightstown, Indiana.  I know I am not the only one out there obsessed with old photos of people that I don’t know!


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