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Being Seventeen

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A couple of nights ago, I gave a talk for an artist group in Simpsonville, SC.  The woman who invited me had been in my studio before, and knew what kind of work I do.  So, she brought me an old Seventeen magazine from 1946 she had at her house.  You would have thought she handed me a bag of gold!  I have since spent many hours pouring over its pages, the beautiful ads and great stories, and drooling over the clothes.  I wish I could share the whole thing with you, but here is an excerpt from a story that caught my attention immediately.  Being 5’10” myself, I know what it is to be one of the tallest in the room.  But, instead of slouching to hide it, I tend to put on my 4″ heels and flaunt it…

“Put it this way: Not for your are short-waisted or fluffy fashions.  No sweet or girly-girly stuff.  Smooth suits you can wear like a model…dirndls to give you hips, not to hide them…positive classics to lend distinction to your build or coloring.  For you: big hats that would make mushrooms of little girls; slacks that have an air of belonging to your long legs so unalterably that by comparison the short girls appear to be picnicking in their pajamas.” Seventeen Magazine, November 1946, p.53


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I can do it!

Hello friends!  I have been so busy with art shows, commissions, and opening my Avon shop that something had to fall by the wayside, and sadly this blog was it.  But, I have all kinds of interesting stuff to share and new projects coming up, so I won’t be going away any time soon!

I have wanted a pair of Rosie the Riveter overalls for a while now.  I would see them on websites or see photos of you fabulous vintage gals wearing them and would be sooo jealous.  The trouble was finding a pair or a pattern that I could afford.  Finally, before Christmas, I stumbled upon the Folkwear site where they had this pattern for a reasonable price.

So, for Christmas, my mom gave me several yards of denim and the pattern my little heart has been longing for.  We put them together fairly easily, and I have to say they are the most comfortable pair of pants I own.  I want to make them in tons of colors and make them my official studio uniform! (Don’t judge me until you make a pair.)

This is my best “we can do it” pose.  Sorry about the horribly blurry photo.  I have been meaning to bring my tripod home for weeks, but it never seems to make it.  I am sure you will see these pants (and several variations on them) many more times!

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Tough Enough

Photo by the amazing Keith J. Carson. This is one of the photos from my vintage pin-up shoot a few months ago.  Want to see the painted version of this picture?  Come to my show at Coffee & Crema here in Greenville tomorrow night.  The reception is from 6-9pm, and music will be provided by the wonderful Stephanie Fagan.  Coffee & Crema is located in the Fresh Market shopping center on Atrium Blvd., between Laurens Rd. and Pleasantburg Dr.


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The holiday of hats

Hello friends!  I hope you all had as wonderful a Christmas holiday as I did!  I love Christmas with my family.  It is all about spending time together, eating, making things for one another, and most of all laughing!  Our whole family’s attitude has always been “why buy it when you can make it!”  This year my mom really outdid herself when she handmade several vintage hats for me.  I will take some better pictures of them when it is sunny, but I just couldn’t wait to share the beautiful work she did!  And I have lots more treasures to share coming soon!

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Finally finished!

Remember months ago when I posted about a red ’40s shirtwaist dress I had been trying to finish for a while?  Well, I was hoping that posting about it would inspire me to get it finished.  That didn’t work, but I found the motivation when I decided that I wanted to wear the dress for my birthday.  I will have to take a proper photo of the whole dress soon, but in the meantime, here is a photo of me and my good friend Heather to give you an idea what it looks like.

And, I swiped this video off of Miriam’s blog because I think the clothes and the music are fabulous.  It really makes me want to start wearing 1920’s cloche hats!

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A Model’s debut

pics 137

pics 139

pics 138

I promised, so now I am delivering!  Here are a few pics of my paper dress I made for the Recycled Fashion Show at the Arts Center in Clemson.  The challenge was to create an outfit entirely out of recycled materials.  I made a lining out of a queen sized bed sheet, and then sewed strips of newspaper and magazine pages onto it.  Trying to cram it through the sewing machine with out ripping pieces off was pretty difficult.  For the top, I stitched together fans made out of catalogue pages.  It was also a lot of fun strutting my stuff down the runway to “Beyond the Sea!”


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A day full of possibility

Red Balloon by Paul Klee

Red Balloon by Paul Klee

This morning was my ideal type of day: beautiful and sunny, but just cold enough that I needed a long sleeved shirt.  I was running in the park this morning, and on one of my trips around the track, I noticed a single red balloon hovering just above the ground in the middle of the green field.  Who knows where it came from, as I was the only one there.  And just a few minutes later, a gust of wind took it off to who knows where.  It just seemed the perfect start to a day full of possibilities…

I adore the fall, and the wonderful fall-like temps we have had the past few days have made me so happy.  Although, here in South Carolina, the weather could change back to sweltering at a moment’s notice.  When the air starts to get cool, it always makes me think of school, especially my days at Furman.  I recently came across the Furman library’s blog about past traditions at the university.  It is a great resource for old photos and stories from the school in days past.  Check it out!

And, I leave you with these great photos from Knightstown High School class of ’57, in Knightstown, Indiana.  I know I am not the only one out there obsessed with old photos of people that I don’t know!

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