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A bit of instruction

I have seen this video a number of times, but I still love watching it!  Happy Tuesday!


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I’m Dreaming…

A couple of nights ago I was watching White Christmas.  I have to say that is one of my favorite Christmas movies.  The music, the dancing, the clothes…I just love it all.  I could watch Vera Ellen dance all day, and I am thinking of convincing one of my sisters to put together an act with me so that we can do that “Sisters” song…

But most of all, I am determined to one day have a dress just like the one Rosemary Clooney wears when she sings “Love You Didn’t Do Right By Me.”

If I had loved during this time period I would want to be a singer at a club like this.  To wear beautiful dresses and sing beautiful songs every night would be my idea of the good life.


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That Rainy Day

For some reason I always feel like rainy days need a theme song more than other days.  Sunny or winter days are fun all on their own, but rainy days need a little musical accompaniment to get you through.  The torrential rains we have had the last couple of days have left me in desperate need of some rainy day music.  And no one can do it better than Frank!

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Monday En Rose

Happy Monday everybody!  I have been sitting at my computer updating my contact list for this weekend’s Open Studios show, (click over to my art blog for more information) and listening to music to help keep myself motivated.  I hate doing the tedious business stuff, but it has to be done!  So, to keep all of us inspired on this Monday, here is a little Edith Piaf for you.  Au revoir!

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I’ve got a man whose always late…

Here’s a little Dinah Washington remix to spice up your night.  I love dancing to this song!  Not sure about the video though…

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