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I can do it!

Hello friends!  I have been so busy with art shows, commissions, and opening my Avon shop that something had to fall by the wayside, and sadly this blog was it.  But, I have all kinds of interesting stuff to share and new projects coming up, so I won’t be going away any time soon!

I have wanted a pair of Rosie the Riveter overalls for a while now.  I would see them on websites or see photos of you fabulous vintage gals wearing them and would be sooo jealous.  The trouble was finding a pair or a pattern that I could afford.  Finally, before Christmas, I stumbled upon the Folkwear site where they had this pattern for a reasonable price.

So, for Christmas, my mom gave me several yards of denim and the pattern my little heart has been longing for.  We put them together fairly easily, and I have to say they are the most comfortable pair of pants I own.  I want to make them in tons of colors and make them my official studio uniform! (Don’t judge me until you make a pair.)

This is my best “we can do it” pose.  Sorry about the horribly blurry photo.  I have been meaning to bring my tripod home for weeks, but it never seems to make it.  I am sure you will see these pants (and several variations on them) many more times!


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Finally finished!

Remember months ago when I posted about a red ’40s shirtwaist dress I had been trying to finish for a while?  Well, I was hoping that posting about it would inspire me to get it finished.  That didn’t work, but I found the motivation when I decided that I wanted to wear the dress for my birthday.  I will have to take a proper photo of the whole dress soon, but in the meantime, here is a photo of me and my good friend Heather to give you an idea what it looks like.

And, I swiped this video off of Miriam’s blog because I think the clothes and the music are fabulous.  It really makes me want to start wearing 1920’s cloche hats!

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Wearing Trash

Picture 324

In a couple of weeks, I will be participating in the Recycle Fashion Show at The Arts Center in Clemson, SC.  Basically, you have to make an outfit totally out of recycled materials (recycled clothing doesn’t count!).  I was so excited about this show, and thought it would be a good change from all the art shows I have this month.  So, I have been digging through magazines and my vintage pattern collection to come up with my design.  You can see my trusty dress form in the picture above, surrounded by tons of newspaper and magazines, pattern pieces, and the rest of the junk in my sewing room.  I am a little nervous because I don’t usually sew without a pattern, but I am excited about how it is going to turn out.  We can wear regular shoes with the outfit, but shoes made of recycled materials are preferred.  Anyone have any suggestions for what to make shoes out of?  I will post pictures once I am done.

In other news, we will have Brick Street Cafe doing the catering for the Oil and Rouge Event on October 23!  If you have never been to Brick Street, go right now and get a piece of sweet potato cake.  Yum!

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Blogger of the Week: Gertie’s New Blog for Better Sewing

Satin Sheath 043

Have you been over to Gertie’s New Blog for Better Sewing yet?  She is sewing her way through all 14 styles in the 1952 publication, Vogue’s New Guide for Better Sewing.  Even if you don’t sew, you are going to love her talent, fabulous style, great discussions about fashion, feminism, and even Project Runway!  And, I am very jealous of her new red satin sheath dress!  Go check it out.

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Shirtdress Imagined

Picture 293

I bought this 40’s shirtdress pattern a number of months ago from So Vintage Patterns, plus this beautiful red checkered fabric to make it out of.  I had a specific event that I was planning to wear it to, and worked pretty steadily on it for a while.  Part way through it became clear that I wouldn’t finish it in time, as I need to adjust the size a bit.  A Dress a Day posted recently about the different types of sewers, and it made me realize that I am a “make it today, wear it tonight” type!  Without somewhere to wear it, I loose my motivation, so this dress has been lying in my sewing room half finished, taunting me with how beautiful it will be one day!  I am posting about this in the hopes that sharing it with you will motivate me to finish so that I can show off the finished product.  I hope I am not the only one who approaches projects this way!

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