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“Things Go Better With Coke”

Coke commercial from 1954.  I love the girl’s dress and hairstyle, but is it just me or does she not look that excited to drink that Coke?



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Video Thursday!

I’ve spent a lot of time recently watching videos on-line.  From movie clips to music videos, commercials, and mini films.  I am fascinated by the beauty and color and movement, as well as things that are a little quirky and off the wall.

This first clip is a 1940’s Chevrolet commercial in Technicolor!  At the time, I am sure it wasn’t strange or novel, but looking at it today, it looks like a great mini-movie.  I love the family all dressed up to go on a trip to grandma’s!

I adore Zoey Deschanel, mostly because of her great sense of style and individuality.  I haven’t seen 500 Days of Summer yet, but this music video featuring she and Joseph Gordon Levitt makes me even more excited to see it.  I love her sweet 50’s style dress and cardigan.

Finally, this one really has nothing to do with vintage, but it is one of my new favorite songs by Lisa Mitchell, and I think the video is really adorable.  Enjoy!

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A little dance inspiration

I love Louis Prima’s music, and this duet with Keely Smith is one of my favorites.  Just listening to it makes me want to jump up and dance.  So, hit play below, and wherever you are, take a brief dance break…

Need a few dance steps?  Check out this clip of swing dancing from the movie The Powers Girl.

Now, go test out your dance moves at Tuesday night swing dance at the Handlebar!  Just $5.  Lesson at 7pm, dance starts at 8.  Check out the link to the right for more details.

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